2000-4500 US.GALLON


1. vacuum tank capacity 2000-4500 US G .
2. Pump operate by PTO device BY By V belt or Hydraulically .
3. Pump pressure & flow rate appropriate with tank capacity , which won't be less than 450 m³/hour for small sizes , 700 m³/hour for medium sizes , and 950 m³/hour for large sizes .
4. Gauge for indicating positive and negative pressure inside the tank.
5. 4 inch suction valve and 6 inch discharge valve.
6. The tank is provided with anti-pressure and anti-excess discharge valves there are also safety valves to prevent water from reaching the pump .
7. Removing Rust by Sandblasting
8. 2 coats of anti-rust primer and anti - acid Epoxy paints.AND 2 coats of final finish paint.

• Hoses carrier.
• Safety lamp.
• Suction rubber hose (8m).
• Hydraulic tipping system.
• Hydraulically open-close rear gate system.
• Manually open-close rear gate system.

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