1700 L

Waste Container

1. Container capacity 1700 liter
2. Container conform European specification (UNI EN 840 –EN 13-71 standards)
3. Self-support box made of steel sheets 15/10 thick. compacted and folded to improve strength.
4. Welding by robot and continuous wire.
5. High quality Galvanized steel, whether internally or externally
6. Mounted on four supports of crucial wheels with a minimum thickness of 40/10.
7. Container equipped by side pockets suitable by dimensions and specifications for garbage truck rear loading applicable.
8. Container has four heavy duty solid wheels of (200) mm diameter, rotated 360° for easy movement, two of them have foot break.
9. Stainless steel pedal.
10. Lid of two pieces (1/3 – 2/3) polyethylene allows to improve discharge process and container cleaning with keeping durability properties.
11. Lid manufacturing materials: polyethylene, double line of the walls with average thickness of 4m/m.
12. Container painted by powder coating technology with silver gray color.
13. Fire resistant and flame spread resistance.
14. Completely nontoxic and recyclable materials.
15. UV resistance (after two or three years of repaint slowly).
16. The cover shall resist effects and deformations and flexible which always return to its original shape.
17. Low level of noise during the handling and movement.
18. Resistance to garbage adhesion and its extraction, easy to clean with a little of water.
19. Cover shall hang longitudinally completely with a rustproof bending pillar column with three fixers on the tire.
20. In the cover design, the space between the cover walls thickness is 3 cm and deformation resistant.
21. The over is tight to participate in limiting fermentation of the waste inside the container.
22. Plastic lid with security compliance through directive CEE/392/89 (European Security Requirement).

Lid color could be up on costumer request

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