Hydrostatic and self-propelled beach-cleaner extremely maneuverable and agile even in small spaces.
SQUALO is a self-propelled beach-cleaner that can be driven with 2 joysticks which regulate the speed, the direction, and the working depth.
The machine works for a width of 160 cm and with a working depth from 0 to 15 cm.
The screen system with alternating movement minimizes the vibration and makes the use more comfortable.
It’s equipped with a 28 hp diesel engine.
The beach-cleaner is suitable to operate in beaches where there are also large wastes and to work on the shoreline.

Width: 1700 mm
Height: 155 mm
Lenght: 3200 mm
Hoper capacity 50 L
Optional : Hydraulic rear collector dumping height: 110cm

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