The machine is small and self-propelled
The Beach cleaning operates via a loading roller carrying sand and debris in a sieve of the machine which, with traverse movement, allows to deposit the debris in a garbage collector and drop the clean sand.
It’s very handy and adapt to be used on equipped beaches.
Delfino is supplied with two types of sieve, one with fine mesh and the other with larger mesh.
The engine has an oil alart system to facilitate the turning off of the engine in case of a lack of oil.
The Beach cleaning is built according to CE norms.

Width: 900 mm
Height: 1000 mm
Lenght: 1950 mm
Weight: 180 Kg
Hoper capacity 20 L
5.5 hp, 4 stroke engine c/w revolution regulator and super-silenced muffler.
• Working depth from 0 – 10 cm, working width: 75 cm.
• Oil bathed transmission c/w clutch.
• Equipped with separate fast disengage controls for both sifter and pick-up drum.
• Independent continuous revolution P.T.O shaft for different uses like pump, washing, compressor, electro generator and others on request.
• It is possible to fit a small rear scraper or a small rear rake.
• Cleaning performances: 2500 m2/h.

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